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Success rates can be confronting – who wouldn’t rather just hope for the best?

Yet understanding success rates gives you so much power!

Power to select the best clinic.
Power to go into IVF prepared.
Power to influence what treatment you receive.

But what is a good success rate? Who has time to research all of this?!?

I’m here to be your shortcut.

I love numbers and, since I passed my Dr. with distinction, I’d like to think I’m pretty darn good at them. An IVF patient myself, I spent many a sleepless night poring over the stats.

And, because I think this stuff is so important, I put everything I know into this webinar, which you’ll get completely free.

Here’s what we will cover:
* The many ways of defining IVF ‘success’
* Where to find official reports on success rates for the US, the UK, Europe and Australia / New Zealand
* Aren’t most clinics about the same?
* Why do some clinics do so much better than others?
* Can you be in good hands, even if the clinic’s stats are poor?
* I will walk you through a few websites and interpret the numbers there and then
* What is a “good” success rate?
* Questions to ask your doc.

Common ways of trying to improve the odds:
* Day 3 vs. day 5 transfers
* Transferring multiple embryos
* and embryo banking

But don’t take my word for it. You will get a full list of links and sources so you can read up further on any of the topics covered.

I am not affiliated with any clinics, and I have nothing to sell – I just can’t bear to see another woman left alone to figure all of this out by herself.
I am on a mission to empower women to go into IVF treatment prepared!
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