Is an IVF pregnancy automatically high risk?

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Spoiler alert: the short answer is ‘no’, but you may wish it was.


Why you may feel this way

Whether it took you one cycle or a hundred rounds of IVF to fall pregnant, it will likely feel like you have gone to hell and back.

Most IVF clinics will keep a close watch on you until the first ultrasound. I call this the ‘seven-week-wait’, because that first ultrasound is often performed at seven weeks’ gestation (that is when you are seven weeks pregnant, or about three weeks after your first blood pregnancy test).

You may get to do regular bloods (beta tests) to check that your levels of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin, the ‘pregnancy hormone’) are rising nicely. You will likely continue with luteal support (via progesterone pessaries or injections) to improve your chances of staying pregnant.

Then, the dreaded seven-week-wait finally ends and you get to see your baby’s heartbeat on your doc’s monitor.

A sight that will likely remain etched into your memory forever (I can remember as if it was yesterday)!

You leave the clinic on a cloud and then…


This is it. This is where your IVF clinic and you part ways.

Depending on where you live, obgyn care likely won’t start in earnest until you are about 20 weeks pregnant.

Which leaves you on your own for 13 long weeks.

I couldn’t handle it

Personally, I was way too jumpy and nervous to handle 13 weeks without medical care.

Luckily my IVF specialist is also an obgyn and took me into his care straight away. The only thing that changed was I attended check-ups at a different consulting suite. I had growth scans every three weeks, which wasn’t cheap, but I needed to see baby’s progress to keep me sane.

So, to wrap it up, unless there are other complicating factors, your pregnancy will likely NOT automatically be high risk just because you conceived via IVF.

 So when is baby due after IVF?

All these timelines can be so confusing!
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