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As if there wasn’t enough to dislike about injections already.

They sting, sometimes bruise, clog up your fridge and require you to set alarms and plan your life around them for several weeks.

And then there is the state of injection fatigue. Injection fatigue is more than minor physical discomfort.

It is that moment when you start to feel like a human pin cushion.

Broken, deficient, unworthy, certainly not feminine or attractive.

I had a bad case of injection fatigue on my last cycle. It didn’t help that my Gonal-F was low and I had to use up the old syringe, open a new one for the remainder, then do another injection. Followed by blood work and, finally, the trigger shot. Five needles in 24 hours were enough for me. It seemed never ending. Dehumanising even.

Are you stuck in that dark place? Here’s how to deal.

Remind yourself, it’s not forever

I know, I know. This sounds really daft. But it’s true!

You need to keep things in perspective. Injections last for a few weeks. This too shall pass. There are plenty other conditions that mean injections for life.

And, when I think back now, yes, I can remember that it was unpleasant – but the memory has totally paled.

So, for this cycle, I made myself a cycle tracker and put it on the fridge.

Seeing things visually makes it that little bit easier to keep  things in perspective.

I have a little circle for my meds each day and a little heart for self-care. Each day I tick them off with a big black marker.

Which  brings me to my second point.

Be kind to yourself

With IVF being so expensive, it’s tempting to try and skimp on self-care. It’s fine to save money, but if you do, remember to replace paid options with other types of self care.

There are lots of a self care routines that are free. Journaling, meditation, a scenic walk, etheric oils, a nice cup of tea…. I run a regular 7 day self care challenge – why not join for inspiration and encouragement?

Do whatever makes you feel womanly, cherished and worthy. Because you are!

Enlist help

If you can involve someone else, and you think it would help, then I totally recommend doing that.

Plenty of women have gotten their husbands, best friends or sisters to do their injections for them.

When you get that acute feeling of ‘I just can’t do it’ – try some outsourcing.

Even if you end up doing the injection yourself, a hug and understanding smile from someone can help you get over it.

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