What are my chances of getting pregnant on my very first IVF cycle?

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This question comes up so often!

It brought out the nerd in me. I trawled through tonnes of data so you don’t have to.

And here’s what I found.


The bad news?

Neither the US nor the UK track this kind of data.

You see, the problem is this: to know how likely someone is to fall pregnant on their first or second or hundredth cycle, we have to keep track of how many cycles everyone has done. And that’s not easy, apparently.

But here’s the good news:

Firstly, success rates are comparable the world over. The top clinics in Europe, the US, and Asia are mostly on par.

And secondly, the helpful regulators in a land-down-under managed to keep track of everyone. It may have helped that there aren’t that many Aussies and Kiwis to start with. Plus, both IVF and birth are, at least partly, covered by general healthcare there.

So – drumroll – here it is. The likelihood of falling pregnant on first cycle.

Disclaimer: This not medical advice. Averages may not be representative of your individual chances.  Always check with your specialist.

infographic ivf success rate or how likely am I to fall pregnant on first cycle for women aged under 35 between 35-39 and above 40

It turns out I wasn’t such a unicorn after all to fall pregnant on my first cycle of IVF.
I was 34 when I started, so the average chance of having a baby from just one cycle of IVF was 30 per cent.

Now at 37, my chances would be a little lower.

I find it strangely reassuring to know these stats as I head back to try to conceive (ttc) baby #2. This way, I can somewhat steel myself for what lies ahead.

Confused by success rate stats?

There are loads of different ways of defining success rates, which can make the whole thing terribly confusing.

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